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download CS 1.6 Original

CS 1.6 Original is today an immortal classic of the «shooter» genre, with millions of fans around the world. Despite the fact that over time there are more and more new games that fill the sphere, no company has been able to offer users a worthy alternative to the classic CS 1.6, because this is not just a unique gameplay, but also a long story in which everyone perceives this game differently. — to his own.

For many, now adults, people CS 1.6 has become the door to the world of computer games. Due to its extreme simplicity, which allows even those who previously could not be familiar with using a PC to start playing, the game has become incredibly popular. At the same time, despite the rather simple gameplay, it is extremely difficult to become a master in it, and you will have to spend more than one hundred hours in order to reach the top level.

Due to all this, Counter Strike 1.6 quickly became one of the cutting-edge esports disciplines, becoming a reflection of the competitive spirit in the field of computer games. After all, the essence of the CS is not a confrontation between terrorists and special forces, but a confrontation between players who are on an equal footing and compete in which of them is more skilled in this game.

For those who appreciate the classics and prefer to play without any skins, our site provides an opportunity to download a clean КС 1.6.

Game description CS 1.6 Original

Two teams — terrorists and special forces are on the map, where they must complete a specific task. The purpose of the terrorists is to protect the hostages or mine and then explode a certain object under the protection of law enforcement officers. At the same time, the special forces must either prevent the explosion of an important point, or save the hostages, preventing them from dying at the hands of the offenders.
The number of players can be very different depending on the features of the map and the specific server. Most often, users play 8×8, 10×10 or 16×16.

Killing opponents and achieving the task assigned to the team on a certain map brings money to the player or all allies, which at the beginning of the round can be spent on buying new weapons and various equipment.
Thus, in order to start playing Counter Strike 1.6, it is enough just to be able to use the mouse, and all other skills will come with time.

Over time, users began to create various builds that could significantly change the visualization of the gameplay, and many sites began to provide a client with initially modified config, graphics, and other elements. However, many users have remained faithful to the classic version without any changes, which can be customized to your preferences, and it is for them that we offer to download CS 1.6 «Original».

Assembly features

Pure CS 1.6 can be downloaded both from the site and through a torrent client;
The game client is based on the licensed version from Steam;
All descriptions, interface elements and voice acting are in English;
The config has excellent protection and is configured to play over the network.

Why download pure Counter Strike?

This product is a completely original version of CS 1.6 from Steam. The advantages of downloading this particular game are as follows:

It’s free. Buying Counter Strike on Steam costs almost the same as many modern shooters. Here you do not need to pay anything — just download the client and play for fun.

You can choose a convenient download method. Now you don’t need to launch Steam in order to download the client. You can independently select which method of downloading all the necessary files is more relevant for you.
Convenient launch.

This version of CS 1.6 in English can be launched directly from a shortcut on the desktop, after which you can immediately configure the client and access various online servers in order to compete with real players.

Why is it better to download assemblies from our site?

By downloading pure Counter Strike 1.6 and various assemblies for it from our site, you get the following benefits:

Diversity. We have collected all the best themes for Counter Strike 1.6, so that even the most demanding users will be able to find an option that will suit their preferences.
Quality. Our team carefully checks all files so that you download only a high-quality product from the site that has fully functional functionality.
Safety. The complete absence of ads or any malicious data is guaranteed.
High speed. There is no difference whether you are used to downloading files through a torrent client or downloading them directly from your browser.
All our assemblies are located on servers connected to a high-speed Internet channel, so downloading will take a minimum of time.

Convenience. On the site you will find many sections for which you can choose a design option for a specific topic or user preferences.
We also worked on the design so that all interface elements are intuitive and easy to use.
Thanks to all this, our site is one of the best resources with CS 1.6 and CS:GO builds today.